What can be better than walking by the beach? What can be more relaxing than walking the warm sand barefooted? Walking by the beach is the place where people have a good time to enjoyed the ocean view, a nice climate, and a great environment. You can see the calm water surface, the soft blue sky and the distant silhouettes of the ships – firmly anchored or slowly sailing. You can almost taste the saltiness water of the ocean and the breeze on my face, burnt by the red sun. You can even hear the sound of crashing waves on the shore. You can feel the warm sand as you walk in the beach. All of these generate relaxation, calmness and peacefulness.
First of all, when you close your eyes and almost taste the salty water, you think of how relaxed you feel when you breathe the fresh air of the ocean. Nothing can be better than walking by the beach – either morning, noon or evening. Any time of the day, the ocean emits that salty aroma that you feel with every millimeter of your uncovered skin. You might even consider closing your eyes, and if you follow your instincts and eventually do it, you will almost taste the salty water with your tongue and teeth. The overwhelming freshness and coolness make you feel easy and relaxed. The heavenly serenity makes you want to fly starting off from the ground and to the blue cloudless sky.

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Second, relaxing sounds of waves crashing on the beach…. When you walking in the beach is ideal for blocking out environmental noises and distractions. Use the sound of the beach and waves crashing, to wash your constantly problem away. As you walk, you hear the relaxing sounds of waves crashing on the flat polished rocks, gracefully shaped this way by the unlimited powers of water. The roaring sounds of waves mix with seagull screeching, and joined together, they resonance with the distant calls of ships, merging into the cacophony of natural vibrations. But this cacophony is neither noisy nor distracting. It is a pleasant melody to your ears and your mind, which grasps you out of the urban uproar and softly and gently carries you flying over the carnal land and away from the troubles.

Third, walking on the beach is a great way to give yourself some relief to your feet. The feeling of warm sand rubbing the bottom of your feet with every step you take is calming for your mind. Also, walking on the beach helps your stress fade away. So walking by the beach does not only calm down your spirit and mind; it also relaxes your muscles as no one else can. Hardly any professional massage or exotic rubbing can beat walking by the beach. With every slow step you take you give some relief to your exhausted legs and feet. The feeling of a natural cushion made of warm sand, which pleasantly moves behind the bottom of your bare feet, acts as a top class healer and a sturdy relaxant. Your stress, your nervousness, your tension and your unease – they all fade away as you sluggishly kite along the ocean side. As you keep on walking past and beyond, you unconsciously realize how your physical body fills with childish energy and surreal resistance to any imaginable disease.

In conclusion, it can help to reduce your stress and calm your mind. Everyone should spend some time at the beach in their lifetime because it can provide relief to your soul. There is no better exercise than walking by the beach. As have been noted by anyone who visited the ocean side at least once in their life, it is the best practice to relax and restore your emotional well-being. These are calmness and peacefulness of the Mother Nature that harmonize with the inner ego of any human being. Walking by the beach is a pain killer. It relieves the strain and the suffering. It is a healer. It inspires and instigates. Every person should spend some time at the beach at least once in their lifetime. Those who have seen the ocean once will be magnetized by it for the rest of their life in the attempt to come back and walk its sand barefooted once again.