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Supply Chain Management: Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management is a very essential function of Supply Chain Management. There are eight principles of TQM i.e. customer focus, leadership, engagement of the people, process control, system management, recurrent development, real approach to decision making and reciprocally valuable supplier relation (Selnes, 19-35). These eight principles present the success...

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Discount stores are those retail stores that offer services or sell its products at prices that are lower than the typical market value. Such stores may offer an array of goods with its sole focus on price rather than the services it is supposed to offer its customers and employees....

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Walmart and Amazon Case Study

Walmart and Amazon’s Business Models and Business Strategies As the world’s largest discount retailing company with $476 billion in fiscal 214 sales, Walmart operates retail stores, warehouse clubs, supercenters, and websites (Banjo, 2014). It has 11 e-commerce websites in 11 countries and over 11,400 stores across the world with 4,000...

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Walmart Financial Statement Analysis

Income Statement The horizontal analysis of Walmart’s income statements shows a significant increase in the items of the income statement between 2014 and 2015. This was first displayed by the significant increase in the new sales by 1.93%. Irwin (2016) suggests that in 2015, Walmart initiated an objective to pay...

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Case 27: Walmart and Vlasic Pickles

The case study discusses the business relationship between Vlasic Pickles and Walmart and a deal that was made that changed the terms of their relation. Vlasic Pickles is the market leader in the sale of pickles in the United States. The company’s most important client is Walmart which had been...

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