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Conscious Capitalism and Wal-Mart

Every organization has certain ethical responsibilities in addition to responsibilities towards other shareholders and stakeholders. Therefore, the concept of conscious capitalism refers to the moral aspect of a business or a company. While each business seeks to become the most competitive, it is also important to observe the moral aspect...

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Styles of Leadership and Walmart

In their article, Valdiserri and Wilson (2010) discuss the problems associated with small business in the United States, particularly, the effect that leadership styles have on an organization. From this point of view, the title of the article The Study of Leadership in Small Business Organizations: Impact on Profitability and...

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Business IA Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is an example of a learning organization that is in the process of a constant change. Whilst all of the elements of the organization are encouraged to change in order to fit the larger social and political climate, there are a number of factors concerning HR that positively affected...

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