Walt Disney was conceived by Walter Elias Disney; a name so well known in the world today. He brought not only childhood memories back to the adults, but also a brand to reckon with, and a face so well-known. One that is not only a money bag with soaring wealth and that essential ingredient, bringing the child into contact with the real world. Walt Disney was created by a man with a hunger.

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A desire to create humor, to ensure that the world is educated, especially the children . Through its establishments, it has created that childhood dream, one that we all had as kids. A dream of princes and maidens, fairytales, a dream of that cheeky mouse, Micky is in the top list of all fairytales and stories that Disney narrated to the world . Moreover, he is the in the top with all the other greats, the greatest being Tom and Jerry.

Disney is home to the best brand and has been creating the best movies of all time . However, currently management has been tight on the money, which has made the company experience difficulties in producing as much quality and over- the -top movies as it used. In order to compete, management has to lay off some of the managers, and create an environment complete with baby castles and magic rivers, or so they showed us in Tom and Jerry. Management is adamant on creating a good showing of all earth, the best being those two aforementioned.

Management will also create a miniature railroad in Holmby hills. From the foregoing, we can see that management will create an environment conducive enough for workers to set about doing their work. A change in mentality on the workers will lead to amelioration in the quality of films that Walt Disney narrates to the world. By so doing, Walt Disney will forever out-compete the competition.

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