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War Movies

Iraq for Sale: Movie Review

In the film, Iraq for Sale the author, Robert Greenwald tries to expose the unskillfulness, corruption, and greed among private contractors in Iraq. The movie was a little horrifying to watch because of the brutal murder and torture of Blackwater employees. The murder of the employees was just a single...

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Movie Review: Full Metal Jacket

The Movie Full Metal Jacket is ironically titled considering the term refers to the type of bullet the Marines use in their rifles when in combat. When taking the movie as a whole into consideration, there are two moral issues discussed in the film. The focus is the progression of...

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All Quiet On The Western Front

As a film that shows the public how terrible, devastating and pointless war is, All Quiet On The Western Front was criticized and even banned by various political leaders during the 1930’s. Directed by Lewis Milestone, All Quiet On The Western Front is based on a novel written by a...

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Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory by Stanley Kubrick is a black and white film that explores a number of deep and controversial issues related to war and its effects on the human spirit. First of all, the film revolves around a suicidal assault carried out by a French unit in order to...

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