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Relationship Between Peace, War, And Development

One of the questions that keep haunting international relations scholars is whether a military-led regime can be challenging in terms of policy, development and accountability. An answer to this question is likely to be complex. On the one hand, military-led regimes have always been a cause of policy and accountability...

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The Berlin Wall

If one is to think of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall is one of the first things that is bound to come to mind. It became one of the symbols and rightfully so - it divided a country and a city. Moreover, it divided the entire world between two...

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The History of War in Gaza Strip

There has been unrest in the Gaza strip for a long time now. The conflict has been caused by disagreements between Israelis and the Palestinians over who is the legally recognized owner of the region. Due to the deliberate colonization of the Zionist group – an extremist minority of the...

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Waging War

The President of the United States has the ultimate control over waging war against another country. Despite the attempts by Congress through the War Powers Resolution to modify the President’s powers to declare war, semantics overrule any attempts made. For example, the President can draw a mandate for the “Authorization...

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The French and Indian War

The background in which the narrative for The Last of the Mohicans unfolds is the French and Indian War, otherwise known as the Seven Years’ War, which occurred between 1754-1763. Whereas this conflict was mainly fought by the colonies of British America and New France, with logistical, strategic and tactical...

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The Effect of War and Peace on Foreign Aid

In Afghanistan, the United States sends more than just its troops. The country sends a tremendous amount of foreign aid. In fact, the US sends more than a billion dollars in aid to Afghanistan, which goes to help with schools, social programs, food, and almost everything in-between. Afghanistan has been...

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The Failure of War

John Steinbeck, in his Once There Was a War, wrote: “All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.” This perfectly expresses the nature of war as ultimately defying, time and again, how humanity chooses to think of itself. We insist that we are superior, and yet...

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Enemy Combatants

An enemy combatant is an individual who according to the laws is not allowed to fight in the US military battles but maneuvers his ways through with an intention of gathering military intelligence with their main aim of supplying the information to the enemies. According to the United States’ laws,...

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Unit IV Journal Assignment Problem Statement

The identification of a significant issue for research and the formulation of a problem statement are the key to a successful quantitative investigation. In order to properly determine the problem statement which guides the research, it is necessary to understand both current gaps in the knowledge and literature as well...

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Frames of War

Frames of War basically outlines the subjectivity of human life. Or rather, it outlines the commonly accepted basis of the value than an individual life holds. He argues that in order for a life to be of any considerable value, it must conform to the formalities of modern life. What...

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Unconventional Warfare

Given the Dynamics of the Potential Use of Unconventional Warfare by Enemy Forces, is there still a need for Sustained Airborne Operations and Training Unconventional warfare is the military operations conducted by the organization, training equipping and advising of enemy forces. These military groups consist of many actions that can...

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The Zimmermann Telegram

The Zimmermann telegram in January of 1917 was a decisive factor in the United States entering World War I. This was because the proposal in the telegram to Mexican government officials stated that Mexico would recover the lost territories of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas if they were to form...

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The Crusades

While there were many wars in ancient times through today’s era which are religious in nature, the Crusades as defined in class are looked upon as the epitome of the actual Holy Wars that occurred during the ninth through fourteenth centuries. There are five actual Crusades in total, and surprisingly...

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The Military Name Game: Propaganda in Language and Culture

Humans have been evolving through and with language for thousands of years. Many argue that the basis of art, society, and academia are all from the penned stories and moral warnings of the past. It has been said time and time again - humans are social creatures. We go through...

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Who Was to Blame More for the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Who Was to Blame More for the Cuban Missile Crisis? Introduction The 1960-1962 Cuban Missile Crisis was one of the closest incidences the U.S. and the U.S.S.R almost initiated a nuclear warfare. It was an act whereby the Soviet Union placed nuclear missiles aiming at the U.S in Cuba. It...

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The Gulf War

The Gulf War took place from August 1990 to February 1991. It was precipitated by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. It was commonly known as the ‘Iraq War’ before the United States invaded and occupied Iraq in 2003, coopting the term. Iraq’s invasion, led by President Saddam Hussein, was roundly condemned...

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The Athenian Navy: Secrets Of Success

During the fourth century BC, the Athenian navy was powerful and well-organized. In fact, it took Athens only eighty years to recover its fleet after defeat in the Peloponnesian War in 404 BC. In years 323-322 BC, it counted 365 ships and consisted mostly of triremes, the most effective warships...

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The Siege Of Bastogne

Outline plan Define and justify: This paper seeks to identify and describe the events that led to the siege of Bastogne in Belgium in the year 1944 in the Second World War. The siege of Bastogne in Belgium involved the Germans and the American forces. The German forces were the...

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Commanding Officer’s Letter of Recommendation

To: OCS Review Board On behalf of naval heroes of the past and present, it is my honor to recommend BM3 for acceptance in the Officer Candidate School Program. As all military personnel are aware, the number of active duty officers and enlisted personnel has decreased dramatically in recent years,...

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How did money, wealth, and monetary concerns affect the French officer corps in the 18th century?

The effects of money, wealth, and monetary concerns on the French officer corps in the 18th century were both numerous and various. The rising middle class was both prevalent in this context and excluded from it; aristocrats were often more concerned with privilege than military success, and a large proportion...

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