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Relationship Between Peace, War, And Development

One of the questions that keep haunting international relations scholars is whether a military-led regime can be challenging in terms of policy, development and accountability. An answer to this question is likely to be complex. On the one hand, military-led regimes have always been a cause of policy and accountability...

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The Berlin Wall

If one is to think of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall is one of the first things that is bound to come to mind. It became one of the symbols and rightfully so - it divided a country and a city. Moreover, it divided the entire world between two...

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The History of War in Gaza Strip

There has been unrest in the Gaza strip for a long time now. The conflict has been caused by disagreements between Israelis and the Palestinians over who is the legally recognized owner of the region. Due to the deliberate colonization of the Zionist group – an extremist minority of the...

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Waging War

The President of the United States has the ultimate control over waging war against another country. Despite the attempts by Congress through the War Powers Resolution to modify the President’s powers to declare war, semantics overrule any attempts made. For example, the President can draw a mandate for the “Authorization...

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The French and Indian War

The background in which the narrative for The Last of the Mohicans unfolds is the French and Indian War, otherwise known as the Seven Years’ War, which occurred between 1754-1763. Whereas this conflict was mainly fought by the colonies of British America and New France, with logistical, strategic and tactical...

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