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The Effect of War and Peace on Foreign Aid

In Afghanistan, the United States sends more than just its troops. The country sends a tremendous amount of foreign aid. In fact, the US sends more than a billion dollars in aid to Afghanistan, which goes to help with schools, social programs, food, and almost everything in-between. Afghanistan has been...

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The Failure of War

John Steinbeck, in his Once There Was a War, wrote: “All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.” This perfectly expresses the nature of war as ultimately defying, time and again, how humanity chooses to think of itself. We insist that we are superior, and yet...

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Enemy Combatants

An enemy combatant is an individual who according to the laws is not allowed to fight in the US military battles but maneuvers his ways through with an intention of gathering military intelligence with their main aim of supplying the information to the enemies. According to the United States’ laws,...

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Unit IV Journal Assignment Problem Statement

The identification of a significant issue for research and the formulation of a problem statement are the key to a successful quantitative investigation. In order to properly determine the problem statement which guides the research, it is necessary to understand both current gaps in the knowledge and literature as well...

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Frames of War

Frames of War basically outlines the subjectivity of human life. Or rather, it outlines the commonly accepted basis of the value than an individual life holds. He argues that in order for a life to be of any considerable value, it must conform to the formalities of modern life. What...

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