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Unconventional Warfare

Given the Dynamics of the Potential Use of Unconventional Warfare by Enemy Forces, is there still a need for Sustained Airborne Operations and Training Unconventional warfare is the military operations conducted by the organization, training equipping and advising of enemy forces. These military groups consist of many actions that can...

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The Zimmermann Telegram

The Zimmermann telegram in January of 1917 was a decisive factor in the United States entering World War I. This was because the proposal in the telegram to Mexican government officials stated that Mexico would recover the lost territories of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas if they were to form...

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The Crusades

While there were many wars in ancient times through today’s era which are religious in nature, the Crusades as defined in class are looked upon as the epitome of the actual Holy Wars that occurred during the ninth through fourteenth centuries. There are five actual Crusades in total, and surprisingly...

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The Military Name Game: Propaganda in Language and Culture

Humans have been evolving through and with language for thousands of years. Many argue that the basis of art, society, and academia are all from the penned stories and moral warnings of the past. It has been said time and time again - humans are social creatures. We go through...

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Who Was to Blame More for the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Who Was to Blame More for the Cuban Missile Crisis? Introduction The 1960-1962 Cuban Missile Crisis was one of the closest incidences the U.S. and the U.S.S.R almost initiated a nuclear warfare. It was an act whereby the Soviet Union placed nuclear missiles aiming at the U.S in Cuba. It...

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