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Warfare Technology

Technology in World War I and World War II: Compare and Contrast

Technology is crucial to any military conflict. Technology provides the potentiality to destroy the enemy and thus an advantage in technology means an advantage in warfare. In World War I and World War II, technology played a key role at decisive points in these respective conflicts. At the same time,...

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National Security Paper

Weapons of mass destruction do pose a threat to global security, even though steps have been taken over the last few decades to limit the potential impact of these weapons. Nuclear proliferation was a major problem in society for a long time, as states postured to one another in fear....

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Truman’s Decision To Drop The Bomb

One of the most difficult decisions President Truman had to face during the early days of his Presidency was the decision to use the atomic bomb against Japan. In the wake of the country losing Franklin Roosevelt in the middle of his fourth term as leader of the United States...

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Arms Proliferation

The issue of arms proliferation is one of the main contemporary security threat issues the world is facing today. It involves the illicit production and misuse of all kinds of arms, small, light, and large. Illegal arms get into the hands of people of use them to kill thousands of...

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The Evolution of Military Technology

The evolution of military technology over the years has often matched the scientific and technological capability of any given era. Ancient warfare often relied on metal working, the invention of gunpowder introduced explosives, and modern warfare is becoming increasingly reliant on computer and remote-controlled technology such as drones. Often, the...

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