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Water Resources

Drugs in Water

The water that is used in most households is thoroughly scrutinized to ensure that it is safe for human use. With the thorough monitoring of the water systems, there is perceived water safety, but the water assessment should be extended to incorporate other possible water pollutants such as drugs. There...

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Water Prices

Water prices vary from place to place and country to country. While the economic standings of the people within each country needs to be taken into consideration when determining a tariff, there are other key factors that play into whether a tariff is added, increased, or decreased. A water tariff...

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The Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is the most vital substance humans need to survive, as as much as sixty percent of our bodies are comprised of water. As such, water naturally has numerous health benefits, and if we go without water for more than a few days, it can be fatal. The common suggestion...

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Water Distribution Network

A water distribution network can be referred to as a unified assemblage of hydraulic control, pipes, and resources such as regulators, valves, tanks, and pumps to meet the effective delivery of prescribed water quantities to customers at preferred water qualities and pressures. This study sorts to look at EPAnet’s contribution...

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Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan

The water crisis in Flint was as a result of drinking water being contaminated by lead and toxins from aging cast iron pipes and leaking valves. Michigan State had resorted to supply Flint city with water from Lake Huron through a new pipeline. Water was to be supplied by Karegnondi...

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