Iris Summer got to develop greater understanding of the world especially in the context of social life. She experienced considerable cultural and structural changes. For instance, social interaction in the past was mainly founded on physical contact and people had to travel some distance so that they can be with others and share ideas. On the other hand, in the modern times, people rely on technological gadgets such as telephones for communication.

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Another considerable change that Iris Summer experienced is in relation to information. Record keeping and documentation has been enhanced. In the past, people relied on several paper work for documentation and details of an individual could easily be lost or misplaced. However with social security in the modern times, it is easier to document information that pertains to individuals. It is also easier to track individuals and their activities through their social security records. This includes activities such as taxation. The social security numbers have also enhanced the manner in which healthcare services are offered to individuals, with regards to the context of insurance records. Iris also experienced the development of tapped water, then hot water. This made access and use of water more efficient than in the past.

The experiences that Iris Summer went through from the traditional to contemporary times are challenging to cope with, but in the long they made her life better. She was able to communicate with others more effectively. The main causes of the changes that Summer experienced were as a result of technological development. Technology develops ever so rapidly and with the change come social changes. Due to the fact that people consistently adapted to new technologies, it was inevitable that Summer also changes and increased consumerism.

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