Overall, the website ul.com is a fairly well-designed page. The colors and themes appear to work together to entice the reader to stay on the page. However, in my opinion, there are two features that could be changed to make the overall experience better. The first would be to make some simple revisions to the footer. The second would be to fine-tune the way information is displayed when one clicks on the tabs.
The footer for the website ul.com is incredibly large. It takes up an entire screen when one scrolls down to it. The footer contains information about the company and also has links to other pages within the website. Links to UL’s social media accounts are also included in the footer. Changing the spacing of these links would make the footer more aesthetically pleasing and smaller as well. Currently, each link is separated by a line and double spaced. Grouping the links together and removing the extra space would make the footer a more manageable size. The links that are related would then be in closer proximity to each other and more readily accessible.

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It would also be beneficial to change the way information is displayed in the tabs on the main page. Currently, when one clicks on a tab, a half-page on the main page drops down to display information. Then, when one clicks on the information contained in the tab drop-down, they are then re-directed to the appropriate sub-page. This creates an extra step to get to the information one is trying to locate. It’s distracting and seems unnecessary. It would streamline the page immensely if the tab simply directed the viewer to the page itself.

In general, ul.com is an effective website. The information contained within is both useful and information. There are no spelling errors and the site is not distracting or constructed in an unappealing manner. However, with two small changes, the website would be increasingly effective and more visually appealing.