Our wedding day is the most important day for us, after the day we were born. We were born for each other but it took us a while to find out that; talk about being slow learners . It was very important to us to share it with the most important people in our lives no matter where they reside on this planet earth, and we cannot explain how much it means to us that many of us have travelled long distances to share our joy. Even if you lived in outer space, you would still have made it here so thank you for affirming our belief that we have the best family and friends one could ask for. You are what make life so special and you are the only ones who could make our special day even more beautiful.

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We are excited to take our relationship to the next level by marrying each other but our most cherished roles will always be being parents to Brooklynn and Kinslee. Brooklynn and Kinslee are the most powerful symbols of our love and the desire to create a better world for them will inspire us to live each day to the best of our capacities.

Shirleyand Joseph could not be here with us in person but not a moment went by when we did not feel their spiritual presence here. We are grateful to our parents for teaching us the value of real relationships because this is how we found each other and this is how we found all of you.

Life is a series of ups and downs but it is good to know we will have each other and we will have you as we will experience both joys and sadness in the future. We also want to let you know we will be there for you in your moments of joy and sadness, just as a family does. Let us have all the fun we can have before we return to our busy work lives because we are not going to have this good of an excuse anytime soon.