Photography is necessary for every individual as it helps freeze moments of our lives that pass unremarkably and might not be paramount to us at the moment. Taking pictures is thus necessary for everyone, and the current generation has made it easier through the introduction of smartphones and smart cameras that take images and saves them instantly. Photography is recommended for people who wish to have memories of some events in certain places. For example, the case of England’s Prince Harry’s nude photos, the situation was arguably incorrect for the media to post his photos without consent (Sykes, Tom E1). Once photos are taken, the media should not be allowed to collect the pictures of anyone and post them.

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Cases of nude celebrity photography are familiar with the increasing numbers of paparazzi that keep on following the stars to their private residential apartments. In these cases, there should be a way in which the law can avoid having such people follow celebrities take their photographs and post them on the internet of their media. Photography is for memorable events and not for events that can lead to the damage of an individual’s reputation in the world. Some famous people, however, take these photographs willingly and post them in the media they wish to.

Photography is free for everyone, but there need to be rules and regulations that govern it. Celebrities say a lot about the culture that people adopt in the current world. Consequently, taking pictures of nude celebrities will result in having individuals taking their nude pictures and posting them in the social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook among others. Such behaviors are morally wrong and promote cases will lead to having children growing with morally wrong acts.

On the other hand, celebrities take pictures of their nude bodies and post them on social media in order to gain publicity with the people. As a result, the behavior is equally adopted by other individuals in the society, and the result would be everyone will be posting their pictures in the social media when nude. It is thus important to solve this problem right from the point where it originates (Gross, Larry 78). For example, the case of Prince Harry nude in Vegas might have been a way to earn more publicity for him in the wrong way.

Photos of celebrities should however not be put on public scrutiny since several other people also post their nude photos on the internet. It is vital to look for a solution to the problem rather than criticize the people involved and defaming them. Famous people are just like other ordinary people except for the limelight. Cases of them being nude in photos should not be a ground for the public to judge them but instead look at how to make the change for the people who are not famous.

The concern for parents on what the children see on social media has also grown. Increasing numbers of nude posts by the celebrities has seen most parents ban their school going children from social media sites such as Facebook. Consequently, this impact is felt by the children as they will find a way to gain access to these sites in one way or another. It is important to control nudity in media by the society to avoid these cases since the internet contributes to exposure of the school going children (Weiss, Sanford 35).

The media in the world thus needs to be limited to certain types of pictures that they will post on their websites and blogs. Resultantly, to appreciate photography, media should be allowed to take all photos that they need but not pictures of nude celebrities and individuals without their consent. As a result, there will be reduced cases of nude photos in the media that will help in raising the moral standards of the entire society (Gross, Larry 116).