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The word “education” means several things to me. It means “learning”, as in the ability to learn things that are needed in life. It also means “critical thinking.” An educated person is one who can think critically, to question what they are learning, and look beyond the surface of what is presented to them. I would want my children to experience both the factual learning of education, such as spelling and mathematics and history, as well as to be able to think for themselves beyond what they learn in books. I want them to be able not to only tell me what they learned, but how they’ll take that information and apply it to their daily lives.

I’m not sure if the U.S. educational system discriminates against minorities. In the past, most definitely it did, especially during segregation times. Today, I feel that there is a greater effort not to discriminate, but there was such a huge gap from the past, that it is a gap which is difficult to bridge. In addition, there are other factors that go into education that may or may not be discriminatory. Poverty, for example, is a major hindrance to education. A lack of a safe environment is another factor. Both of these issues, although they aren’t necessarily discrimination, affect minorities more than whites.

There are some changes that need to be made for education. One is that there needs to be greater incentive for teachers to teach in poor districts. Another is that there needs to be a concentration on educating people on how to get out of poverty. Give them job skills to learn, teach them about sex education, and provide after-school programs to help kids learn their academics are three ways to improve education.