People without any dream stop their existence because it defines the point of development for individuals and the goals that they want to achieve. For some time already I’ve been listening to the newsfeed and reading the articles on how people around the globe face starvation and deficit of fresh water. Food and water are the basics of our lives, and we comprehend them as default because we do not know what it is like to survive without them. My dream for the future is to become a decision-maker and obtain a prominent position, such as Secretary-General of the United Nations, to be able to affect those global water and food challenges. It is my ambition, and I do believe that with some effort I would be able to get a job offer from the UN.

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My dream is quite big, and it is hard to grow of it. Instead, it motivates me to fit the image of the post I want to have in future. In my opinion, the Secretary-General of the UN should be a kind and open-hearted person who is putting all efforts to resolve the global humanitarian problems. I do not think that my chances of completing this dream to its fullest are 100% possible, and yet, I believe a career in the UN is quite a realistic perspective. I might become a head of the department or even a senior officer responsible for the development of the strategies for solving the respective challenges. Anyways, a career in the UN is my life-long dream; I try my best to prove myself worthy of such employer. The UNO is struggling with the global issues, and thus, all employees are required to have exceptionally excellent skills in the area of their expertise.

My best guess is that to succeed on the path to my dream job I will have to obtain excellent skills in the management of organizations, sustainability, public relations, water management, food resources management, and other related fields. I completely understand my chances of becoming the Secretary-General of the UN, and yet, my choice is clear – I better try and fail than leaving my dream behind without giving it a chance. When choosing between the possible roads, I prefer to take “the one less traveled by” (Frost) because dreams are made to motivate people to act and try to fulfill them. I am sure that it is necessary at least to attempt to pursue the idea as the universe gives a multitude of chances and possibilities. So, it is better to know that you’ve tried your best than refusing from the dream even without trying to make it real.

The dreams are made to make them real. There is nothing wrong in trying to chase them by any legal means possible. I suggest that if people have a dream, they are more effective. They know what is required to make their ideas real and in what direction the progress and evolution should proceed. Even if the dream is almost unrealistic and is likely to fail, it does not eliminate the chances of fulfilling it. Nevertheless, it is better to try and fail than regret not trying to do anything until the end of one’s life. Of course, some might think that people are likely to get depressed or stressed out because of the endless attempts of pursuing the dream. I believe it is the matter of perception: people should see the negative result not as a reason for the depression but as a chance to make something better.

The continuous improvement, moving forward and believing in the possibility of completing the dream are the primary principles for making that dream come true. It is necessary for everyone to have a desire because it motivates to move forward and evolve, gain new skills and knowledge, and not to remain at the same cozy spot during the whole period of existence. Dreams are made to pursue them regardless of the result. Win or no win, but I do believe in chances and opportunities. Perhaps, one day you will hear my name at the UN session.