Africa, to me, is the continent in which human life began. I do believe that Eden is in Africa and that Christ was born and died on African soil; so it is a holy land. There has been a lot of scientific study that reveals that the DNA of Africans is the most varied, so it is possible that Africa was s nexus for human life, a starting point for DNA. Additionally, Africa developed the world’s oldest human civilization.
Africa is the starting point for many anthropological studies because Africans gave humanity the use of fire, by cultivating its use. Africa is the home of the first tools that mankind made, such as the hand ax. Astronomy has its’ roots in Africa. The native-made jewelry are more than adornment, but are cultural artifacts. Africa has so many rivers, the most famous being the Nile and Congo, that fishing is a craft that is well-perfected in Africa. One of the most critical contributions that Africa has made to the advancement of mankind is the domestication of animals which led to civilization.

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Africa also represents extreme desolation, completely devoid of human civilization. “Africa, the second largest continent in the world, has a lot of land covered by desert. It is estimated that 25% of African Land is covered by deserts.” (Answers Africa).

The Sahara Desert, Kalahari Desert, these immense expanses of dunes. I envision the desert mirage that entices a weary traveler. Africa represents a land of extremes for me; for the contributions to humanity are integral worldwide, yet the geography is symbolically different from Africa’s mission to humanity. The deserts seem to contrast with the rivers. Africa is an amazing anomaly in this world, not just because it is self-contained, but also a major contributor world-wide to human progress.

Africa is a part of me as I am an African American; it is my heritage and culture. I am proud that such a diverse and essential culture is part of me.

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