Aromatherapy is an exciting alternative holistic therapy that uses pure essential oils for a specific type of relaxing body massage that benefits de-stressing, wellness, the healing of the mind body and soul, and a number of common conditions. It is is suitable for men and women of all ages from 18 years old, and the treatment is tailored to your needs on the day of your visit; so for example, if you feel over- emotional, depressed, stressed or lethargic, or have swelling or inflammation, specific essential oils will be used in your session. The essential oils which form the basis of aromatherapy are made from components of healing flowers, plants and trees. They have been specifically chosen for their active properties which support both physical and psychological healing.
The History
Essential oils were first used 6,000 years ago, in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China, India and Greece. In the 20th Century, a French chemist by the name of Gattefosse, discovered that lavender oil has healing properties for various conditions, and promptly established the study of aromatherapy science. Due to the outstanding success of the oil’s therapeutic properties, during the 1950s, physicians, nurses, body therapists and other health practitioners in France incorporated aromatherapy into their treatments. In the US, professionals started to take an interest in the miraculous benefits of treatment, and the practice took off in the 1980s.

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How It Works
The aromatherapy fragrances are very powerful, and the therapist will discuss the options for the choice of oils that can be used in conjunction with your needs,when you have your treatment. You may just opt for a single essence, for example, lavender, or a mixture of two or three. As it is very important that you really like, and feel uplifted by whatever is used, this is an integral part of the procedure. The essential oils are mixed with a carrier oil such as almond, grape seed, apricot or jojoba oil, and when the therapist goes through a basic medical questionnaire on your first treatment, you can state if you have a nut allergy, in which case a non-nut carrier will be applied. You lie comfortably on a massage couch, and as the treatment, which covers both the face and the rest of the body begins, you will immediately inhale the wonderful aroma of the essential oils you have chosen, and via receptors in the nose, the hippocampus and amygdala regions in the brain, which are connected to the promotion of mental, emotional and physical well being, become stimulated. Some research has also indicated that essential oil molecules can have an effect on enzymes or hormones in the bloodstream, and for this reason, you are asked not to take a shower or bath after treatment, so that the oils have time to penetrate. It is very interesting to know that one of our salon’s most popular essential oils, lavender, works in the same way as sedative medication by stimulating brain cell activity in the amygdala region of the brain, so that the treatment that we offer may have the same benefits, but without the chemical side effects of medication.

The Massage
The beauty of booking an aromatherapy massage with us, is that you get several benefits from just the one treatment. Not only do you enjoy the huge benefits of a standard massage for your muscle tension, and a boost to the blood and lymph flow which helps bolster circulation and the removal of toxins, your skin also absorbs the essences, becomes well hydrated and soft, and you breath the essential oil molecules in, which has a knock on effect to your psychological state.

Professional Certification Of Our Staff
All our salon staff are highly experienced specially trained professionals with certification from the highest institutions. They are also fully insured. Our salon prides itself on our leading standards of customer care and satisfaction, and we are always happy to welcome new customers.

Special Promotional Offer
For the next month, we are delighted to be able to offer new customers a “tester” aromatherapy treatment. This will be a great opportunity to find out more about the miraculous benefits of aromatherapy, to meet our aromatherapists and discuss your needs, and to smell the amazing range of beautiful essential oil such as rose, sandalwood, lemon, orange, bergamot, tea tree and frankincense. The tester treatment will last for half an hour, and is just $10. We are open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 9pm, so we can fit you in on your lunch break or after work, and look forward to revolutionizing your wellness and optimum health drive. Our friendly reception staff are available to take your call during opening hours, and if we are closed you can just leave a message on our answerphone, and we will call you back to schedule an appointment. We can almost guarantee that you will be delighted with your treatment!