Family means differently among many people. Family is one of the most important social group in the society. It provides a basis for individuals to grow, learn and acquire most values as well as finding a belonging. Without the family, most people will not have been who they are today. Throughout history, there has been different meanings of the word family across various societies. Most people belief that a family is made up of father, mother, and children. However, a family can any group in the society that shares common or similar characteristics. The various types of families in the society are important since they provide a foundation an individual to grow in life.
According to the Webster’s Dictionary, a family is “a group of people with connected blood or marriage and sharing common ancestry.” However, a family may extend beyond that. It may comprise a group of people who have come together for a common course. The common social definition in its simplest form is that a family comprises parents and their children. However, when grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles are included, it forms an extended family tree.

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In the corporate world or in sports, a family can be described as people who are working together for a common course or objective. These individuals consider themselves as ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ within the context of business. Similarly, some people in a certain religion consider themselves as a family because they pray and carry out their religious activities together. In addition, they demonstrate love to each other by helping their fellow members of the religion. Regardless of the context in which the word family is used, it is important to show love and care for the members of the family to which an individual identifies themselves to. Family is a single most significant aspect of life.