For thousands of years, women in various cultures were subservient to men. In most cultures, the lineage commonly follows the male in terms of family ancestry and structure. Even though there is no religion or rules saying so, most males, culture, traditions as well as families preferred it that way. The old age period where women could walk barefoot while pregnant still exists in some parts of the world. During those past times, women were deterred from participating in major decisions making processes which concerned the family and the society at large. They were expected to remain submissive to their husbands at all times. They were not allowed to access education. There main roles was to bear children and care for them at home. As part of their roles, there were also expected to prepare food, collect water, and make objects required by the family such as clothing. However, in the present society, women have become more brave and educated. They are entitled to access proper education and health care. They have the right to access similar privileges as their male counterparts in various aspects of the society such as business, jobs, and sports. The women in the present society have had the opportunity for expanding their professional, philosophical, physical, and psychological potential through education and entitlement of more power than they had in the past.
The purpose of the study is to provide a detailed analysis and discussion about the females in the past and the females in the modern society. The study will research on the roles of the women in the past in and in the present. The study will discuss the access to education for women in the past as compared to the present women. The study will also discuss and compare the female empowerment and rights in the past and the present society.

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