There are many ways how one could define friendship. In many cultures, it changes its meaning accordingly. For some people, friendship is one of the most important values in their lives, for others it means something very necessary. The term also changes its meaning accordingly with the age. So, in this essay I would try to define what in friendship in my understanding.

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There is a definition what is friendship in the dictionary. It states that friendship is “the emotions or conduct of friends, the state of being friends”. Such definition is written in the Oxford Dictionary as the primary meaning of the word. Besides, there are two more definitions such as “a relationship between friends” and “a state of mutual trust and support between allied nations”. The last definition of friendship demonstrates that the meaning of that often used word is much broader that we usually think. That’s why it is necessary to provide my personal understanding of friendship.

So, as for me friendship is the motion that drives a person’s life every single day. The term is really broad, and part of its meaning relies on various situations. I agree with the definition of friendship to the extent that it can spread to the limits from interpersonal communication and support to the relations between the countries. Often, the international treaties and international talks provide us with the sense of what are the friendly relations between the countries, and what are not.

Regarding friendship on the interpersonal level, the definition shall be extended widely. It is natural that humans are searching for someone to stand by them. In some cases, friendship can even grow into the relationship between the two. There are many examples of such cases in the literature, movies, and everyday life. Yet, friendship has a significantly different meaning from the relationship. It might be noted that relationship may not always end successfully. Not every person can coexist with someone else and stand the challenges. But friendship is what stays with the individual for a long time. One can break up, but friendship will remain.

As for me, the concept of friendship is also something that changes over time. Little children make friends while playing at the playground; then we tend to make friends while studying at high school. As the time passes, the expectations of friendship change, too. Adults tend to choose someone who will be reliable and could be trusted. When we grow up, there are many professional challenges in front of us, and friends can be very helpful in these situations.

It is controversial whether one can make business together with a friend. Is friendship limitless on a personal and professional level, or shall one watch out for danger coming from a friend as this is someone who knows you the best? As for me, it is better to separate the concept of friendship at work and friendship at home. It is understandable that one would not like to some someone close while being engaged at work because usually friendship is something that is built over years.

To sum up, I believe that there is not a real universal meaning of friendship. Yet, there is a number of characteristics one shall take into consideration for making friends. Friends are usually the ones who tend to be with people throughout their lives, so friendship should be treasured as much as it is possible.