Health promotion refers to a behavioral and social science drawing from environmental, psychological and medical science that seeks to promote individuals health and prevent the various forms of diseases through voluntary and education driven activities. As such, health promotion through the development of individuals, institutions and the community at large improves the general knowledge of individuals and their overall skill through their living and working conditions. Therefore, health promotion is important, as it tends to improve the health standard and status of different individuals, communities, and even the entire nation. It also enhances the general quality of life for all the individuals and sustains their life expectancy through the reduction of premature deaths. On the other hand, health promotion normally reduces the cost incurred by different individuals, employers and other medical facilities on different forms of medical treatment.

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Therefore, the above proposal aims at promoting public awareness to all the students within their environment as the target audience and sustains their health conditions as well. In most cases, most of the students will tend to indulge in risky affairs that will probably influence their living styles and health conditions. Various communities from the nursing, humanities and sciences tend to value the issue of health with major concerns as it reflects directly to people ways of living and their economic status. As such, the above bodies play an integral role in the general community when it comes to disease prevention. The main agenda of the disease prevention units especially regarding the student’s life is to maximize the public health and safety, measures through the prevention and elimination of various diseases and disabilities (Raingruber,2014).

Therefore, individual’s life needs to be in a well state with all their organs functioning in normalcy. In order for the different group of people to maintain, their health standards they need to ensure that all their body parts function in the right manner and free from any form of disease and illness. As such, individual need to be visiting health experts more frequently and maintain the general health through eating of a balanced diet that boosts their body defense mechanism. Some of the social and environmental measures that lead to healthy living entail living in a clean and safe environment and frequently interacting with other people to boost an individual knowledge on health issues (Dixey,2012).

As such, people’s health is a major concern not only for an individual but also at the national level. The government enacts various levels that monitors the health of people and control all forms of the disease. Such bodies include the Center for Disease Control and the National Institute for Nursing that has the mandate for conducting various researches on different types of diseases and their control measures. They also advise people on people and especially most of the students regarding their lifestyle through the combination of their learning experiences that enhances awareness and increase motivation (Naidoo, 2009).

In conclusion, health promotion through the various bodies such as the world health organization has the mandate to improve people’s standards of living through good and healthy living. Its major mandate is to enable different individuals to increase and maintain control over their health and other determinants through the healthy public policies. Such policies address individual’s main basics of health such as housing, employment, security, income, and food. Health promotion through social marketing has the mandate to influence people health concerns and reduce the tendency of diseases and other forms of infections.

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