Adoption of innovation process has been studied for over three decades and Rogers’s diffusion of innovation is one of the most known models of adoption. This theory has been used in a variety of disciplines as a framework. I consider his theory the most appropriate for investigating the adoption of technology.

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Rogers defines adoption as a decision of complete use of an innovation as the most plausible course of action and rejection is to choose not to adopt an innovation. Diffusion is the manner in which through individual conduits an innovation is lead into over a period among the members of a social system. As expressed in this definition, communication channels, innovation, time, and social system are the major components of the diffusion of innovations and new innovations in informatics would be no different.

Innovations such as electronic Personal Health Record solution (ePHR), uses innovation theory to adopt implementation and so does many other innovations. Through this technology, consumers can record and share selectively information related to themselves and or their loved ones in more secure ways. I heard about this innovation from a documentary. Currently, I am in the persuasion stage of the adoption process. I see myself reaching the confirmation stage because this innovation is effective and time saving.

Based on characteristics of innovators I would belong to the early majority adopters. I believe I can distinguish and weigh what can be advantageous from doing my research and not waiting just to follow the society and just its word for it. If this innovation improves efficiency and possibly save a life, I do not see a reason for not adopting. In another innovation like Robot Nurse Assistant, I would be in the late majority adopters. This is because I am skeptic about robots doing humans work especially in a fragile environment like a hospital and I would only be convinced when I see it implemented and that it works.