Although the modern technology is supported for effectiveness and efficiency in the nursing facilities, the beginning nurses have encountered a challenge of informatics technology (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015). Evidently, technology cannot be separated with our daily lives because it is usually used daily. In fact, nurses are expected to be equipped with the knowledge regarding nursing informatics during their education programs. The expected minimum requirement for newly graduated nurses is basic computer knowledge. This implies that I am capable of mastering computer skills and informatics because I also fall into this category of new grandaunts. Additionally, I can apply the knowledge obtained during my education program in using information systems.

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Arguably, the medical facilities should offer courses for newly trained nurses to improve their efficiency in the application of what they already know as beginners. Technology is significant in education programs because it is utilized to effectively communicate and browse the internet, enhancing our knowledge (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015). Besides, the clinical days provide us as beginners with the opportunity to gain some insights about the environment of the institutions and their information systems. Many of the nursing institutions utilize the modern technology for keeping health records. This is irrespective of the fact that some of the nursing colleges do not equip the new learners with adequate knowledge concerning the use of technology, especially how to utilize the information system in the nursing institutions. Arguably, schools should be encouraged to abandon the conventional way of teaching learners how to keep records for the reason that many facilities are no longer use the method.

Concerning what should be viewed as informatics priority, it is crucial to note that the most imperative part of the informatics is the accuracy of the health information. This decision is driven by the fact that accuracy is critical to any decision that is made in nursing facilities (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015). Notably, there is a vast number of the healthcare providers and the population that utilize the internet as a resource for their health. Based on the argument above, it is recommended that accuracy should be given the highest priority. Moreover, it plays a critical role in improving the provision of the healthcare services because of the accurate records that are maintained by the healthcare providers regarding the population. It is essential to underscore that clinical nursing decisions are characterized by many elements. One of the central features is the combination of facts and the knowledge to ensure that the decisions made are precise. Nevertheless, the clinical nursing decision should contain information that can be used beyond in the discovery and investigations in the advance-based practices as McGonigle and Mastrian (2015) advocate.

Regarding the particular examples of the methods of implementing or changing the current practice to advance accuracy as a priority in the nursing informatics, it is suggested that the creation of the awareness would play a vital role. In fact, when the members of the public and the healthcare providers have the knowledge concerning the role of proper and trusted resources, the healthcare services will improve, resulting in advanced living standards. Moreover, the mortality and morbidity rates will decrease. Another change that can be done is the elimination of the access to the untrusted website that is prevalent in the public places and the institutions. This can also be done by providing cautioning messages about the danger that is associated with retrieving information from those websites that can be critical to the identification of the current practice. By modifying the things above, it is anticipated that there will be improved with regard to the application of the technology informatics, which will result in the provision of the better healthcare services.

Therefore, every nursing education program should ensure that the learners are equipped with the most recent knowledge regarding technology informatics to promote effectiveness and efficiency in the field of working. The health facilities should also involve new nurses in the development of electronic health systems to make them user-intuitive.