Patriarchy is the warp and woof of the American sociological structure, political structure, economic structure, educational structure, religious structure, and philosophical structure. It is so inextricably intertwined in the thinking and actions of the majority that it permeates the orientation of most of our thoughts and actions, and we are not even aware of it. It is of such an insidious nature that we blindly take it in stride as if it were second nature to us. It is so much a part of the culture that those that suggest in any manner that there may be a different way of looking at things, are immediately shut up one way or another in short shrift. It goes to the heart of what most of us hold near and dear.

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It should not be surprising as it is inculcated into all of our conscience and subconscious thoughts and perceptions from our earliest hours of existence, and for that matter, before we even take our first breath. Further, we are bombarded with it through everything we read, hear, and learn, such that it is impossible to escape it.

The American culture is without a doubt male-dominated, male identified, and male-centered. This in essence is what is meant by the term “patriarchy” as it applies to a given society. There is never a time that a man in this culture need question whether he is capable of doing a job better than a female. There is a presumption against females in favor of males as to their capacity to carry out responsibilities, be they of most any nature that is central to the valued things in this society or that pertain to the main areas of commerce.

The only area of remote question about capacity is the man’s ability to carry out the responsibilities that are considered to be “domestic” in nature. However, they even have the upper hand in that arena because they are argued to have no real natural ability in this regard and get a pass if they decide that they are just not cut out to do that sort of work, or never really learned how.

Patriarchy is evidenced by the fact that most every man thinks it perfectly okay to express their opinion about the sexuality, or not, in some manner or another of any woman that he happens to come in contact with, regardless of their juxtaposition to one another. It is further evidenced by the fact that most of the laws that are passed are created and agreed upon by men, which gives them the distinct advantage in that they can control what the cultural norms are and the allocation of power, through the laws that are passed.

Concomitantly females are required to not only do a job that is considered one better performed by a man, as well as similarly situated men; but they have to deal constantly with the pressure to demonstrate continued capacity which is a greater burden, in that a man is presumed to be able to do the best job between the two. As well females are viewed as less feminine when in positions of traditional male power positions, while males are considered to be manlier, which act to increase their sexual attractiveness.

All of these factors are sufficient enough to describe the essence of patriarchy. However, the effect of this orientation is important to note. That is, the oppression of females, the devaluation of females and what they do with their time, especially if it has to do with teaching their children, caring for their children, raising their children, and taking care of the home. Further to demonstrate is the increase in the abuse of women, at all ages in all positions, by men because they have the power to. This systemic abuse of women is evidenced by the increasing debasement of women in pornography which is rampant, the beating of wives by husbands, and the number of assaults against women. The male law passers have required that the man that is in violation of the “protection order” or “restraining order” be caught in the act of violating the order to not come around the woman or children, before law enforcement can take any action. We all know that at that point, it is going to be just a little too late to stop the damage or killing from taking place.

Probably the most demonstrative example of patriarchy in the American culture is in the whole military and hero worship that we have enshrined as almost holy in this culture. This is the epitome of idolizing the supposed strength, decisiveness, unemotional orientation that is considered so superior by this patriarchal society. Unfortunately most of these brave, strong men are busy killing mostly women and children that have not done a thing to deserve it. Further, most of these men doing the killing are from the poorer classes in this society and they are only, in reality, carrying out the whims of those in positions to make and enforce the law, for their purposes and selfish objectives.

It is because the majority of females in this society have, by omission, supported this patriarchal orientation and most men are not about to change a system that supports their desire for power, either directly or indirectly; that nothing changes and the process is self-perpetuating one generation to the next.