In the article ‘Uber’s Secret Agents: When Poaching Becomes Unethical,’ the author outlines how the competition between Uber and Lyft has led to various unethical engagements. The author argues that the poaching between the two companies had embraced technology by the use of sophisticated applications to vary the locations of the orders. The battle to control the urban transportation entity is manifested in the allegations of poaching drivers between the two companies in the article. In one of the biggest indications of sabotage, Lyft has been having numerous complaints that Uber workers had been engaged in ordering and cancelation of numerous rides. The sabotage sums up to loss of money, time, and it also leads to aggravation for the company. However, Uber denied the sabotage allegations. The author uses various examples to show how the issues associated with competition can lead to a change of various business dynamics that may end up becoming unethical. The author argues that the possibility of the two executives sitting together and formulating policies of not recruiting each other staff could yield mutual benefits for the companies and enhance the productivity of the drivers.
Good ethical behavior is essential to any business entity. The behavior can assist in the formulation and execution of protocols of operation within an industry. In the Lyft and Uber case, there an urgent need to change the principles of operation in order to regulate the extent to which the businesses operate. The two companies should be engaged in a fair competition without one company sabotaging the other. Healthy competitions increase the ability of business entities to operate with the required regulations and make the profits that suit their efforts in the businesses. The most practical and realistic way to achieve this is through the companies coming together and setting operational standards that are of optimum benefit to both of them.

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