Too few of us are at odds with hedonism, aren’t we? Material possessions, including personal success, wealth and luxuries make up true values most of us associate the notion of genuine happiness with. Apparently, the realms of modern society make us want ‘more and more’ with each single day. Considering the lack of time and spread of cutting-edge technologies, we are definitely obsessed with ‘materialistic happiness’ that gradually turns us into perpetual hunters for ‘more.’ The chase, however, seems endless while few of us can realize that the ‘prey’ of happiness is a moving target and we can never fulfill our ambitions and be satisfied with what we have. Therefore, the want for material possessions boosted by the feeling of overreaching hedonism that is deep inside us really makes us unhappy.

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Many think that happiness is in kindness within us, do you? By contrast to hedonists, there are people seeking real happiness can in kindness, beauty of heart and truth. While these values overwhelm our materialistic ambitions, still they do not embrace the gift of happiness in full. These are the inner values that make us loved by people. Through inner kindness and openness we establish the so important links with others. The links we create enable us share our happiness with others. Although we become happier to a certain extent while being kind to others, still the secret about genuine happiness is not only about kindness, beauty of heart and truth.

Most people find genuine happiness through friendship and family, or do they? Maintaining friendships with others and living family life has been the most vivid formula of happiness through centuries. A nuclear family has always been our immediate environment where we enjoy comfort and close relationship with the nearest and the dearest ones. Within our comfort zone, we expand the circle of our communication with other people who are or become our friends. These people are the indispensable parts of our genuine happiness while we are all ‘social animals.’ Hence, the secret of happiness is in permanent communication with people we love.