Lately, with the increased need for jobs specifically in the field of accounting, there has been rising need to do a career research analysis in the field of accounting to get the best area that an individual can actually specialize in. Apart from having passion and love for accounting, there are other factors to consider in order to be able to specialize in what one really love most. There are usually many factors to consider before making the decision in terms of career specialization. These factors include: the salary paid, the amount of workload in that specific area of specialization and finally, the nature of the work. This research paper aims at coming up with some viable and practical techniques of finding what an individual loves most. It explains what to be considered in deciding an individual’s career of passion. It also explains what might be done to change the situation for those that have already made the wrong choices. What they can do to cope with the situation or even get a long lasting solution. It also outlines the impact of wrong choice of area of specialization on the individual’s productivity as well as on the organization. The research also states the exact sectors of accounting that have had many people specialize with. With all these changes that have taken place in the society both in terms of economic impact as well as the dynamic changes in accounting as a whole, I strongly believe it is essential to come up with a better way of ensuring that individuals specialize in the departments they really prefer after considering all the factors involved such as the nature of the work they will be dealing with to avoid a very high rate of employee turn-over that has been experienced in the near past.

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