My brother is someone that inspired not only me, but also everyone else he met. As an older brother to me, he was everything that you would expect in an older sibling: watchful, caring, but also firm, and he also seemed to know everything. I could come to my brother with any issue or worry, and he would always know exactly what to do. Though he has been gone for four years now, my brother continues to inspire me every day.

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My brother was nothing short of brilliant, and this was quite evident at a very young age. He excelled in school from the very beginning, earning top marks and absorbing all that he learned like a sponge. He was even able to master nothing less than four languages at a fairly quick pace: something that had always impressed me. My brother seemed to know the answer to everything, not just when it came to school, but in all matters of life. When I was younger, I saw him merely in the light of an older brother; however, as I grew older, our sibling relationship evolved into a relationship of best friends. This friendship was something I never took for granted, especially today now that he is gone.

Growing up, my family was quite poor. We never went without what we needed, but we certainly went without what we wanted, especially as children growing up. However, our parents taught us to emphasize the other, more important things in life. We never went without the necessities, and that included love and support. This was also engrained into my brother, who took care of me much like my parents did.

My brother inspired not only myself, but also many others in his short lifetime. My parents were not literate growing up and, as a result, they wanted us to have an easy command of the English language and not struggle as they did. As my brother and I grew up and learned the English language in school and how to read and write, my brother somehow recognized that this was a skill that should not belong to just one generation of his family. He made it his goal to convince my mother and father to attend school again, just so that they could also learn to read and write as we had. These two basic skills, basic for any other young American student, were seen as unattainable qualities for my parents. However, my brother inspired them to return to school, showing them that it was never too late to learn.

As if this was not enough, my brother helped to create an association that strove to teach the illiterate in my town. My brother inspired everyone, but I never felt overshadowed. His friendliness and love was contagious; everyone wanted to be around him. With the help of his friends, my brother made a massive difference in my hometown, and helped more people to learn how to read and write.

My brother is the reason I am who I am today. Though he is not with my physically, he is always with me in spirit. He inspires me every day to be better than the person I was yesterday. Though he is here no longer, he has left such an indelible impression in my heart and mind. Because of him, I wish to go to school as he did and earn a PhD, just as he did. Because of him, I wish to strive to be the best I can be, and also inspire others to do the same, just as he did.

I consider myself very lucky to have called my brother my best friend, and to have had the relationship that I had with him. He had a tremendous impact on everyone that he met, and his personality was magnetic. Though our relationship was cut short when he passed away, his inspiration has always stayed with me, and constantly pushes me to be the best I can be.