The book, “Who Moved my Cheese” by Johnson (1998) provides a unique insight into the way that people perceive their surroundings and situations as being permanent to the extent that they are unable to process change without fear and anxiety. Four characters make up the story and are aligned with four different types of adaptation. Sniff recognizes that change is coming early and begins to prepare. Scurry, as indicated by the name, scurries into action as soon as the change takes place. Haw begins to adapt once he realizes that the change could be for the better but Hem holds on to the belief that change could only mean worsened conditions. Their survival in the maze, much as one’s survival in business or life, depends on their ability to react to change that occurs inside the maze at Cheese Station C.

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Although the mice, Sniff and Scurry, and the little people, Hem and Haw, found their way to Cheese Station C through different methods, they all arrived at the abundancy and found the amount of cheese to be satisfactory. Sniff and Scurry recognized that they should inspect the amount of cheese daily but Hem and Haw assumed that it would last forever and therefore built their entire lives around the cheese. When the morning came that the cheese was gone, Sniff and Scurry were prepared for this change and immediately began looking for more cheese in other corridors. After some time, Hem and Haw divided as Hem decided to give up and Haw went out to look for cheese. Haw returned but he could not convince Hem to accept the change so he had to venture out on his own. When Haw found cheese again, he did not allow himself to get to comfortable. He kept his running shoes around his neck because, although the cheese was good, he could not count on it lasting forever.

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