Given the incredible advancements in today’s technology, and our amazing digital age, the future for the wholesale and retail market is no exception to the evolution. Wholesalers and retailers are undoubtedly up on the curve with the changes the digital age is continually bringing to our doorsteps. There are new and exciting ways that wholesale and retail products are becoming available to consumers – ways that simplify, amplify and customize the way we shop.

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There was a time where the majority of avid and consistent shoppers preferred to be out and about the retail shops and malls, rather than at home shopping on the computer. Although there has always been a market for individuals who prefer online shopping, due to the ability to customize products and purchases, a great number of shoppers prefer the experience of retail and wholesale shopping in person. However, the future for wholesale and retail markets is about to bring the best of both worlds together.

Partnered with technology tycoons like Intel and Google, shoppers will soon be able to interact with digital platforms to shop and customize their choices at their favorite retail shops. Large digital screens will adorn the most popular shops where customers can customize exactly what they’re looking for. From entire outfits to shoes or accessories, shoppers can differentiate colors, sizes or any number of unique customizations. This allows for a more intimate shopping experience. And, with the help of Google, you can instantaneously see what’s in stock at each of your favorite retail shops.

Wholesalers without storefronts will have the opportunity to stock retailers at a higher rate due to these new options for consumers. The digital age will work hand-in-hand between the two to create an entirely new category of business. Retailers may thrive on the opportunity for more customers as sold out sizes, brands or styles can be readily ordered digitally in-store. The digital age meeting the retail and wholesale market is an exciting opportunity where simplicity and exceptional optimization will take over the interests of the retail and wholesale consumer.