Alongside my parents and family, I was required not long ago to make a decision about where I would attend school. I understood then that I was at a crossroads, and the decision I made was going to have a long-term impact on both my life and my career. I had a number of choices. First, I could have stayed in my own country to study and learn, potentially following the path of my father. Perhaps the best option, though, was moving to the United States, where I would have a number of good opportunities. I chose to move to the United States for school because I wanted to study under great professors, because I wanted access to a wide range of potential major areas, and because I wanted to experience the fullness of the diverse study bodies found in American schools.

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One of my primary goals was to attend a school where the teachers and professors were high quality. After conducting some research, I found that schools in America featured strong faculty members from around the world. I understand that a major part of the education process is learning from the perspectives of these individuals, so I made the decision to come to America in search of strong teaching that I could not get in my native country.

In addition, I was not exactly sure what I wanted to do with my educational career, so I sought an environment where I could explore a range of different degree fields. American schools can provide great education in engineering, math, communications, science, and business, among many more. I saw this diversity of options, and I wanted to be a part of it. This is the ideal scenario for a person who is not yet sure of what he wants to do. By coming to a place where I could settle in a little bit more before making a final decision on my eventual path, I gave myself more options than I would have had if I had stayed in my home country.

In addition, I wanted to experience the great diversity of American schools. Not only are there different kinds of people from all over the United States, but these schools feature students from every part of the planet. These people bring their unique experiences to the classroom, and listening to them, I am able to learn more about myself and about the topics that we are assigned to study. I wanted the opportunity to make friends from around the world so that I could learn from their cultures and see myself grow. These were opportunities that I did not feel I would get in my home, so I left there with the intention of growing as a person and expanding my horizons by developing relationships with my classmates.

Ultimately, my decision to move to the United States for school was only made after careful consideration of a wide range of criteria. I decided that if I was going to get the most out of the experience, I would need to put myself in a place where I could learn from the best professors in their field. In addition, I wanted to give myself options so that I could choose something that fit my desires, skills, and passions. Lastly, I saw the United States as a place where diversity was the norm. I wanted to get better as a person and a student by engaging with the classmates around me.