Advocacy programs are often very important in the society as they help in certain sensitization programs. Advocacy programs are also always used to discourage certain vices in the society that could compromise cherished values. At organization levels, acts of advocacy are at times embraced in order to promote general objectives besides helping to eliminate undesirable practices. In the current society, a number of advocacy program are geared towards promoting basic rights among specific group of persons (Kim & Hewitt, 2010). Child advocacy basically refers to activities that involve championing for children rights. There are many instances that reveal the need to embrace child advocacy programs within the context of Houston ISD Company (Kotch, 2013).

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Cases of children being reported for having perpetuated criminal acts is a major problem in different spheres and a major problem in the company, Houston ISD. This has witnessed establishment of juvenile courts that deals with prosecution of criminal acts among children of certain age bracket (Committee to End Violence Against the Next Generation, 1974).

Activities of terrorism and cyber bullying have been carried out in the past that directly encourages abuse of the basic rights of children. Cyber bullying entails using the internet platform to cause fear among persons through undesired information. Many at times children have been used to promote the spread of these information since they are hardly traced. Sensitization should be carried out to ensure that activities of cyber bullying are made known to the children and other stakeholders for purpose of policy actions (United States, 1979).

Children are prone to several possibility of abuse hence the need to initiate policies that can help in reducing these violations. In addition, lack of parental guidance at tender ages makes children to be highly susceptible to wrong influence that could be devastating in the long run. As a reinforcement agency, it will be important for the entity to embrace measures that could help in reducing the number of children in criminal cases. This could be made possible through combination of policy and advocacy actions within the organization (Melton, 1983).

Acts of terrorism are one of the vices within the community that witness children being criminalized at tender ages. Terrorism refers to planned criminal lives targeting to injure persons at different levels besides causing situations of turmoil. Owing to the innocence of children, there are often recruited to participate in these acts of terrorism that are serious criminal offences. Acts of terrorism are embraced at different levels which could be domestically or through cyber activities (Mallon & Hess, 2014). The rise in globalization has witnessed massive use of computing devices internet connections in different activities. Ideas on terrorist acts have been disseminated through the internet platform hence radicalization persons of different ages. In addition, recruitment into these planned groups has also been carried out through the internet posing high threat to the internet users (De, 2001). Since the majority of internet users are children, they face major risk of being lured into these criminal acts. Regarding terrorist activities, advocacy actions should be manifested through increase in sensitization programs on acts of terrorism. Policy measures should also be put in place to ensure heavy punishment on persons propagating these recruitment activities at different levels. Apart from the championing actions, there will be need for adoption of close monitoring programs that helps in ascertaining that actions of children are within the law (Newcomer’s handbook neighborhood guide2006). Involvement of persons from diverse professions will help identifying unusual practices among children and help in recommending corrective policy measures (Mercier & Mercier, 2000).

Counseling programs should also be highly embraced in line with these advocacy actions. Through the counseling programs, certain values should be impacted in the children to help them disassociate themselves from acts of crime. Promotion of activities of social interest should also be integrated in these counseling programs. Sporting activities besides other participatory social programs will help in constantly engaging children hence reducing the possibility of indulgence into these activities of crimes. In the event that children are already into the programs of terrorism, de-radicalization will help in discouraging the practices. Intensive multi-disciplinary programs will be central in helping the children to keep a distance from these radicalization programs by the terrorist groups. Owing to the critical nature of the program, policy measures should be adopted that helps in protecting persons engaged in the programs (Paul, Neufeld & Pelosi, 1977).

The existence of rights that governs children at different levels is never keenly regarded in the society. This can be attributed to constant increase in criminal acts that are propagated through children. There is need for these basic rights of children to be advocated for in different domains that will help in safeguarding respect for the children. In addition, it will be important to make persons recognize the different policy measures that exist to enforce these rights among the children. Championing for these basic rights should make the juvenile be aware of their rights and report any instances of abuse of rights. This will help the organization, organization Houston ISD police, in effecting identifying the culprit and dealing legally with these criminal acts. The organization will seek to establish policy department at local levels to help in the identification of the acts of child abuse besides encouraging persons to report these acts of rights’’ abuse.

In conclusion, it remains clear that there is need to adopt advocacy actions that help in the identification of rights of given group of persons within the society. This will be essential in promoting the rule of law besides eliminating certain vices in the community (Kotch, 2013).