My mother’s brain aneurysm in December 2000 was a turning point. That tragic night I believed I was losing my mother. I had never experienced such overwhelming fear. A loving and compassionate nurse not only cared for my mother, but gave me the hope I needed. I had always enjoyed caring for people, which contributed to my success as a beautician and business owner. That I night I knew that I would become a nurse.

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Nursing school was not easy for me. I applied in 2008, while in the midst of a difficult pregnancy. I had spent seven months in a wheelchair, and over a month on bed rest at Down State Hospital. I suffered excruciating pain, and could not walk or stand. It was then that I was preparing to take entrance exams. I called a few days before to confirm the accommodation for my wheelchair. To my surprise the elevator was out of order, and it would not be possible to take the exam. I broke down in tears. The person on the phone told me to take care of my health first, and that one day I would be a wonderful nurse. She was right. I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and I was accepted the following year at the New York Institute of Technology. I graduated in 2013 after serving as the President of the Student Nursing Association and receiving the Nursing Leadership award. I have been a registered nurse for almost 2 years. Nursing has also made an impact on my six year old daughter, who plans to become a nurse one day.

I want to advance my capacity and become an Adult Nurse Practitioner in order to be more involved. I can do far more than implement directions and orders. I want to truly care for the health of my patients. By furthering my education at Adelphi I am attending an institution that comes well recommended by coworkers, professors and friends. I will be able to make my contribution, and provide people with the best care in the most difficult times, just as I was provided on that terrible night in the winter of 2000.