College calls to me so I can major in Criminal Justice. One of the best things about college is that I have the freedom to choose my future. So far, high school has included classes that I have had to take because the curriculum is decided upon as a standard for everyone. Now, I have the opportunity to choose what I am going to learn when I go to school. I choose Criminal Justice because this is major that intrigues me, and I believe will provide a secure and profitable career. There will never be an economic downfall that will affect the need for Criminal Justice. I am confident that the commitment that I make today by going to college and pursuing Criminal Justice will pay-off in the long run. I know that if I invest my college years in a Criminal Justice program, I will come out with a college degree I can actually put to use in real life. I think college will be place, and time, for me to be able to decide what specialty within Criminal Justice appeals most. One reason that Criminal Justice attracts me is that I do not think that it gets boring! There is always a new mystery to be solved, or new laws to interpret. My future will be determined by the choices that I make today, and I know that a future that includes a career in Criminal Justice will keep me happy, and financially stable. I want to understand our Criminal Justice system, and I want to be on the side of the justice system that helps people. Going to college is the first step in my life-plan to be involved in fighting crime, and in helping those in need.

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