The conclusion does not sound very clear. The same ideas are paraphrased and repeated throughout the text. The only clear idea is that a mentor helps their mentees to make right decisions based on the mentor`s personal experience and skills. It is also stated that a mentor helps people to succeed in their social life and business settings.

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However, the way mentor can do it is not specified. So, the thesis needs to be examined further. More arguments about mentorship should be added. For instance, it would be interesting to learn that mentor helps their mentee to assess problem from a different perspective because every person sees the world through a prism of their own vision, personality type, life philosophy, emotions, and other greatly impacting factors (Abbajay). The author should have added the information about the importance of mentoring in different settings, including education and workplace environments.

It is also recommended to explain how a mentor can affect their subordinate psychologically. For instance, a mentor does not give their mentees some recommendations but also serve as encourager and supporter who helps people to have faith in themselves. Mentoring is applied not only to professional sphere or education, it is about general support. Mentors know about their mentees more than it is initially required. Such commitment and devotion create trustful relations, allowing a mentee to combat their fears and doubts (Turban and Lee). Information about this important aspect should be added to sound informative.

Also, some examples of how the personality of mentor and their mentee affect collaboration should also be included. One more recommendation is to add some examples of role modeling that mentor usually carries our for their mentees. The conclusion should be more specific and clear. To achieve this objective, more relevant literature should be examined to find interesting facts about how mentors enable personal and professional growth. Books, articles or even case studies would be useful.

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