Stern School of Business, at the Greenwich Village Campus, attracts me to apply because I believe that the program that Stern offers will provide me a comprehensive foundation to build a career in business and political economy. I appreciate that Stern approaches education in a disruptive thinking module; in order to succeed in BPE, it is imperative to be flexible in one’s problem solving skills. I will access the culture of New York City by availing myself to Stern’s influential outreach programs. I am also dedicated to community service, and in this manner, I would access all of New York’s cultures.
I would thrive in the environment that Stern provides. Looking through the photos of the Undergraduate College Street Team provides evidence that the values that Stern promotes will motivate my strong academic performance. I am inspired by being around other high achievers because I am competitive in my nature. Stern is competitive, but also inviting. This unique mixture of academic, social, and cultural aspects of NYU are what draw my application.

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I am dedicated to economics as my pursuit because I believe that economics is applied mathematical theory. The lessons of economics are philosophical when applied to one’s life: For instance, the concept of opportunity cost teaches us how we need to sacrifice some potential gains in compromise to gain something greater. In life, when we choose, we necessarily lose. My future choices must marginalize losses, and maximize gains. Therefore, Stern School of Business is the best choice for me. If I am given the opportunity to succeed at NYU, I will take advantage of every opportunity that is presented to me. Academically, Stern will promote my economic studies, and socially, Stern will promote my interpersonal communication skills. These two disciplines will build a complementary foundation for my future in business and economics.