Going to a poll and casting one’s vote for or against a particular individual or law, whether it be on the federal level or on a local or state level, is something that many individuals do each and every time they get the chance. While there are many who do not vote because of one reason or another, there are many different reasons why people should vote, and in reviewing those reasons it will be easy to see why voting makes all the difference in America today.

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A study was performed by the California Voter Foundation in order to determine the reasons that Americans opt not to vote in the polls, and “the survey found that 28 percent of infrequent voters and 23 percent of those unregistered said they do not vote or do not register to vote because they are too busy” (Longley, 2013). It is no secret that American life is a life of constant hustle and bustle and this reasoning makes sense; however, the reasons an American should vote far outweigh many of the reasons that they feel that they are unable or unwilling to do so.

“Voting is a way to speak your mind and let your voice be heard” (Partnership for Safety and Justice, 2013). Through the process of voting, Americans are able to let their government know how they truly feel on each and every issue, showing them the best possible ways for them to work in our best interests in order to make the world not only a better place to live, but a place in which we want to live.

People should “vote to effect change” (Partnership for Safety and Justice, 2013); the voting process allows each and every legal American citizen to take steps to stand up and say what they agree with, what they do not agree with, and what they think should be done in order to make things become the way that they should become.

“Voting is a way of honoring our history” (Partnership for Safety and Justice, 2013), and a way of honoring those who have stood up for our country in order to provide this freedom to us, some at the cost of their lives. The voting process is one of the freedoms afforded to the people of America, giving them the ability to say what they would like to say without fear of persecution by the government for wishing to change the way things are. It shows that the American populace respects the sacrifices that were made on their behalf by their forefathers in order to keep this freedom and provide the populace with the power to make the decisions that they are in the process of making.

One of the many other reasons that Americans should vote is because it allows the voting public to “voice our concerns to elected officials” and if the votes are not there, regardless of the public outcry surrounding the issue itself, “our concerns may not matter at all to them” (Partnership for Safety and Justice, 2013). In other words, talk doesn’t always matter, but action makes a difference.

Through the voting process Americans are able to work to effect change, honor those who have come before them, make their concerns known to elected officials, and essentially work to make a difference in the world around them. It has been argued by many a psychologist that one individual vote does not count (Hallowell, 2012), however, through the power of voting, individuals are able to work to make a difference in their world, even if it is not in the way that they expect.

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