The name “hamburger” is derived from the name of the German city, Homburg. Therefore, it is apparent that the Germans have a culture of consuming hamburgers because even the name comes from a German city. In Germany, the political leadership is stable and it allows people to determine their own paths and diets (Kühn and Nezik 1). Therefore, the control on diets is not restrictive and they facilitate the presence of many fast food joints in the country. Currently, the existing burger restaurant serve poor quality burgers and the realization has resulted in new businesses dedicated to selling quality burgers, hence a recent increase in the demand for the commodity (Kühn and Nezik 1).
German economy is very stable, consisting of a big working class and small capitalistic elite. The working class has a relatively high income because of thriving industries such as the motor vehicle manufacturing plants in big germane cities. Traditionally, it is hard to find good burgers in the country because of the emphasis on industrial packaging and poor storage of the burgers before sales (Kühn and Nezik 1). Therefore, the burger business makes good sense to business entry because improving the quality will offer a new entrant competitive advantage over the existing burger joints in the country.

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The Germans have different eating habits compared to North Americans. For example, they eat heavy breakfasts full of energy to power the day while the lunch is typically light (“Food.” School Projects). On the other hand, most Germans prefer fast food for lunch because of the ease of accessing the fast food and the efficient use of time in the middle of the working day; hence, they prefer a drive-through (“Food.” School Projects). Dinner, like breakfast, is heavy and contains starch and proteins. Therefore, the best time to serve the burgers is for breakfast and dinner in the country. Germans live healthy lifestyles and do more exercises than Americans do and they are less concerned about healthy diets (Manchin 1). Therefore, there is unlikely to be cultural resistance to burgers in the country.

The recent trends in fast food business, the political stability and the presence of a business opening create the ideal opportunity for opening a burger outlet in Germany. Therefore, Burger Delight should take advantage of the business opportunity and open a burger outlet in the country.

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