The urge for higher education has reached its top limit during the last couple of years. People have the desire to get a degree, but not every person can pay the tuition fee. That is why the demand for free college education has started across the U.S., clashing people with opposite opinions on the issue. The free college education enthusiast prevail, and their position is reasonable enough, and their arguments confirm the necessity of free and available college education.

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The primary concern is because of the affordability of college tuition because many people do not have the required amount of money to pay for it. A free college education is a good investment into the future of the country, and it will pay off in the innovation and growth of the country’s potential (McCluskey, and Goldrick-Rab). There are no benefits in going in debt to ensure the ability to pay for the education. Besides, a free college education will facilitate the transit of the poor and people from the lower class into the middle class. Individuals with a degree have better and broader opportunities in front of them and can have a job with higher payment which the poor people without higher education are deprived of.

The infrastructure of the universities and colleges across the U.S. is comprehensive. Regardless of the variations in quality of the provided education, students get knowledge that will ensure their further development and opportunities for promotion of economic and technological growth of their country. Currently, higher education is a privilege instead of being a right of every American citizen (Page, and Clawson). People should unite and demand their right to free tuition as it is already available in Norway, Finland, Mexico, and Denmark, etc. Over 4,600 students from the U.S. go to Germany each year because it gives the possibility of free education even for the international students and not only citizens (Sanders).

To conclude, the right to education is granted by the State, but current fees make higher education unavailable for most of the people. College degree should transfer from a privilege into common practice to ensure economic growth both of the country and of its people. It will improve the social problems resolving the loan debt issue in young students.