What would have happened if I were born in a different culture? This is an interesting question that implies the authentic limitedness of our worldview since we are initially placed within specific cultural frames having little understanding of how it all develops beyond them. As to me, I was pretty lucky to accumulate different cultural experiences and to get involved with different environments. Thus, my Spanish roots have offered a wide range of opportunities: having studied in both French and British education systems has given me a chance to better understand and tolerate different cultures and worldviews. Despite this varied experience, my passion and inspiration to explore the world and expand my horizons have not been satisfied; instead, I got even more determined to continue my acquaintance with other cultures.
In broad terms, my determination to study in the New School is underpinned by two clue factors. First and foremost, it is the personalized and diverse format of education that I am particularly attracted by for I expect that this format will enable me to emerge from conventional and stereotypical boundaries and to fulfill my academic potential to the maximum. The second factor is the program that I apply for, i.e. global communication studies. I believe that this program can make a perfect starting point for me to get involved with new cultures and to interact with people from all cultural backgrounds. In my view, this program is a perfect blend for there is an implication for the global context and multiculturalism that are highly important given the common trend for globalization and an implication for communication that is the clue to effective cooperation and innovation. To summarize, I sincerely admire the New School’s focus on individual thinking and academic freedom. As per my knowledge, many great minds have been nurtured at this school, and it will be an honor to me to be a part of this global team.

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Once I have explained my motivation to join the New School team and described in details all the aspects that attract me in this school, the question, consequently, arises as to why I believe myself to be a good fit for this fantastic school. In this regard, I could have tried to describe some of my achievements and to promise to become a valuable asset to the team in the long run, however, if I speak frankly, I shall claim that my certitude about my future in the New School is underpinned by the fact that I do share the core values that this school promotes. Thus, I am sincerely interested in exploring new cultures and learning to cooperate and collaborate with people from different backgrounds. Likewise, I do believe that communication is the first step to building a healthy multicultural society. Today, when globalization processes keep gaining pace, it seems to be irrational to deny the fact that there is a strong need for the society to develop some skills that would allow them to accept each other’s differences and to co-exist peacefully consolidated over some important aims and purposes.

The word “skills” is critical in this context because the art of tolerance and understanding cannot be learned without practice. Being aware of this, I believe that there is no better way of becoming a global citizen than by completing my degree at an institution which is aware of these needs. Therefore, my answer to “why this school?” is because the Global Studies program at the Eugene Lang College complies perfectly with my interests and purposes. One of these purposes is to find the answer to that simple question: What would have happened if I were born in another culture?