General Purpose: PersuasionSpecific Purpose: To give an explanation as to why we need to adopt the animals from the shelters.

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Supposing you were homeless, how will you feel? Will you feel safe? Will you feel comfortable? I guess not. This case applies to the homeless animals. On the streets of America, there are many animals that move from one place to another seeking food, shelter and human comradeship. However, research shows that approximately 2.7 million cats and dogs are put away because their owners decided to give them up and yet there are very few people willing to provide shelter to them (Top Five Reasons to Adopt).

Even though the number of shelters are many, the staff managing these organizations that are providing the services find it difficult to select which pets to put down because they have not been adopted into a family.

There are reasons as to why animals should be saved. For instance, when an animal is adopted from the shelters, the pet will get the best care from the family that has adopted it. In this case, this provides room for the other pets to join the shelters.

Saving the animals also helps in controlling some of the diseases that result because of the interaction between the animals and the environment. The shelters helps in vaccinating such animals hence improving their health. Nonetheless, the shelters help in evaluating the animal’s temperament as well as their behavior hence ensuring that they are well behaved when being adopted.

Adopting the animals from the shelters is more economical and cost friendly when compared to acquiring them from a pet store. In addition, these animals when adopted provide psychological, physical and emotional stability to the owners. Therefore, putting all this into consideration, the American people should be in a position to adopt animals to prevent unnecessary deaths of these animals.

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