The purpose of this speech is to provide information on Windows 8 Phones. This speech will mention the features of Windows 8 Phones and explain the reasons why you must have one. The windows phone which applies the acronym WP is a collection of operating systems which are produced by Microsoft for Smart phones. The difference between the Windows 8 Phone and the conventional smart phone is that the windows phones operate on the windows system. The windows phones are for everyday use and every day users. Peter Bright of Condé Nast Digital and Sean Hollister who writes for Engadget on AOL discussed the aspects of the windows phones (Bright, 2010; Hollister, 2010)

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Peter Bright stated in his article that he was not excited about the application of the Windows 8 Phone for commercial use (Bright, 2010). The main point which is attractive about the Windows phone is that they recently launched a new model which is called the Windows 8 Phone. The Windows 8 Phone was recently marketed for the first time on October 12, 2012. When Microsoft produced the Windows 8 Phone, they created a new consumer interface which applies a design language called “Modern” (Chacos, 2010; Microsoft, 2013)

Brad Chacos calls it “Metro” for short (Chacos, 2010). The benefits of the Windows 8 Phone are its enhanced high end use hardware support and the higher resolution screens. These aspects enable the Windows 8 Phone to be more competitive with regards to the Apple and Google smart phones. In addition, Microsoft entered into a new partnership with Nokia. In this partnership, the Windows 8 Phone would become the main smart phone functional systems that Nokia would use. The Windows 8 Phone replaced the Symbian operating system as the smart phone operational system which is used by Nokia (Stuart, 2010; Microsoft, 2011)

The benefits of the Microsoft partnership with Nokia on the Windows Phone 8 are that the new operating system would apply Bing in order to provide faster searches on the Nokia smart phones (Microsoft, 2011). The maps which Bing has access to would be available. The Ovi Store which is operated by Nokia merged with the Windows Phone 8 stores. The main point that I’m trying to get at is the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft on the Windows 8 Phone’s operating system can benefit everyone by creating a faster and smarter web (Stuart, 2010)
There are components of the Windows 8 Phone which can be applied to the social networks (i. e. Twitter, Windows Live and Facebook) simultaneously while you surf the web. Isn’t that amazing? In addition the Windows 8 Phone’s operating system can take pictures on the smart phones and send the pictures directly to your Twitter or Facebook wall. Another good aspect about the Windows 8 Phone’s operating system is that your friends and family are administrated by means of the Windows 8 Phone “people hub”. Other benefits which the Windows 8 Phone has are that the Xbox audiovisual hub enables the synch of the Windows 8 Phone with you personal computer (Microsoft, 2013)

The audiovisual hub includes Xbox and connects the user to the “Xbox music store” where music and video entertainment can be downloaded. Brandon Miniman stated in the test review of the Window 7 Phone for the pocket website; “if Zune can play it, your Windows 7 Phone device can play it” (as cited in Stuart, 2010) Not only can the Windows 8 Phone play music and videos, it can play games on the Xbox platform. Isn’t that great? While you’re playing your games on the Xbox platform, you can use the voice recognition functions which are operated by Tell Me just by depressing the button on the Windows 8 Phone (Microsoft, 2013).

The Windows 8 Phone is one of the most technologically advanced smart phones on the market. Considering all of the things that the Windows 8 Phone can do and all of the innovative features it has, can you afford not to have the Windows 8 Phone?

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