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Kika Carpa

Kika Carpa is a woman who has been involved in terrible criminal activities. Her crimes have attracted massive public attention in the United States. One of the crimes is sex trafficking. Kika arrived in America when she was a young woman in 1992. Prior to her arrival, she got engaged...

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Women’s Suffrage Patterns

Listening to the lectures by Professor Kuhlman and Professor Woodworth-Ney, a number of similarities and a few differences are discernible in their views on women’s suffrage. Some of the similarities apparent in their comments are those to do with the trends in the suffrage movement, and interestingly, the differences are...

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Women in Education

Women have seen their roles shift dramatically in education over the years. One of the movements in the United States, in Europe, and around the world has been to push for more access to education for women. In fact, some have made this a centerpiece to more than just their...

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Increasing the Voice of Women in Politics

The past few years have seen several high-profile women engaged in federal politics in the United States. This would lead one to believe that men and women are equally represented in the US. This is not true, or at least not as true as the candidacies of Hilary Clinton and...

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Women in Literature

More than a few impressions are made when reading Virginia Woolf's essay, “A Room of One's Own.” The first of these is a kind of casual quality attached to the subject itself. Woolf spends more than a little while, for example, examining why she is pursuing the subject in the...

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The National Black Women’s Club Movement

In 1896, the National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs was created with the merger of several organizations, including the Colored Women’s League, to promote improvements in quality of life for African Americans and is comprised of female and youth members from 32 states (National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs, 2011)....

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Faith and Service: Florence Nightingale: The Making of an Icon by Mark Bostridge

Almost two-thirds of Florence Nightingale: The Making of an Icon biography summarizes a change in the perception of several family members towards the idolized and once-respected relative. Based on Aunt Mai's account, people who spent long time periods with Nightingale felt continuously compelled to consider what she said, and to...

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Women And Upper Management Positions

In the current extremely competitive and dynamic business world, women make up half of the workforce. According to Shin (2013), women have been getting into the managerial ranks and professional ranks of US corporations almost the same rate as men for more than a quarter a century. In addition, women...

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Women in Politics

Women have long been underrepresented in the American political system. While the inclusion rates of women have certainly grown over time, women remain underrepresented as a percentage of the population. This is especially true as one climbs the political ladder. There has never been a female president, the House of...

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Society in Chronicle of a Death Foretold

This paper describes the society depicted in this novel. It discusses the values accepted in this town, and in particular how they relate to gender roles. Finally, it discusses prejudices within the novel, and described the role those prejudices play in the murder. The novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold...

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Women’s Suffrage

Both Kuhlman and Woodworth-Ney note that there was no pattern in the way that different nations around the world introduced women’s suffrage. However, Woodworth-Ney does note that there was a pattern within the American West to the way that this right to vote was granted. Kuhlman discusses the definition of...

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Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court case of Roe v. Wade (1973) was one of the most significant and influential pieces of legislation in American history, ensuring women’s reproductive rights for decades to come. This controversial decision legalized abortion in the United States and set the precedent that women rightly should have control...

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The Myth of PMS

In “PMS and the Biological Flaws of Womanhood,” Carol Tavris provides a scientifically-based argument that shows how hormonal studies in the 1970s and 80s did not fully explain the actual reasons for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) because there never was any evidence for this occurrence. According to her research, the hormone...

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Who Is the White Girl?

The white girl in the story is not revealed. All the chapters in the story are named after women characters, but none is named after the white girl shot in the beginning. However, the shooting of a white girl at the beginning of the story portrayed the high level of...

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Parades, Picketing, and Power: Women in Public Space

What Were the Major Issues That Caused These Women to Move into a Public Sphere and Take to the Streets? Women were being treated as second class citizens being exploited in the workplace. Even though they may be considered unskilled, they were being paid a low rate working twelve- or...

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The Use of the Female Gaze in Real Women Have Curves

In film, the Female Gaze can be defined as the way women view themselves through the eyes of men. The Female Gaze presents work from the perspective of the female and is mainly found in film created for women such as soap operas and romantic comedies. Unlike the Male Gaze,...

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Women in Early Christianity

Similarly to Judaism and Islam, Christianity is often depicted as a patriarchal and misogynistic religion that requires women to submit themselves to both God and men. In 1 Corinthians 11:2-6, Paul instructs female worshippers to cover their heads as a sign of submission and in 1 Timothy 2:8-15, he defines...

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Muslim American Women on Campus

The discussion on “Muslim American Women on Campus,” explains that the book has numerous intentions which are geared at the different viewpoints and lifestyles of the various readers. For example, there are sections of the discussion related to how the Muslim Women can maintain their traditions and faith while also...

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The Exultation Of Women In Felicia Hemans’ Poem “Corinne At The Capitol”

The poem “Corinne at the Capitol” by Felicia Hemans can easily be viewed as a celebratory and jubilant piece of prose that extols womanhood just as easily as it reveals to what extent women are frequently stereotyped and categorized. In extolling the virtues of a heroic woman who is politically-minded,...

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Reaction Paper – Women Roles after American Revolution

1776 was the year that turned a new page in American History about women’s roles and rights. The era right after the American Revolution was considered the New United States. Women’s social status has changed significantly. It was not unusual for women to work as “printers, innkeepers, merchants, and teachers”...

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