In the event that the stark red desert and sunny shores interest an American to migrate and decide to find work in the nation of Australia, a visa is necessary to acquire authorization from the government. One can either apply as a skilled migrant and subsequently seek a job upon arrival, or allow federal officials to assist when passing through the application process. Despite a significant amount of paperwork, the official immigration website allows the procedure to be undertaken as quickly as can be (Jobaroo, n.d.).
When applying for a visa, one must discover a profession based on the skilled occupation list on the human resource section of the Australian government’s website. If the desired job is already on the list, application for a migrant visa is permitted and allows the applicant to find their job upon entering the country (Jobaroo, n.d.). A points exam on the website serves to check if one is eligible to apply, with a skill of 65 or higher (MacKenzie, n.d.). The primary criteria therein includes the ability to speak fluent English and existing below 50 years of age (MacKenzie, n.d.). Within the application is a requirement for attached documents that display one’s qualifications, birth certificate, passport, and skills assessment. Once approved, a health examination is placed on the applicant by a federal nominated doctor (McFadden, 2017). Registration on the JobSearch service allows the applicant to find their job as early as possible, matching one’s skills with the necessary employment requirements and opportunities present in the country (McFadden, 2017). After locating a home, the landlord must be given prior notice and temporary accommodations are recommended up to 60 days before moving. Finally, one must acquire a tax file number, enabling the receipt of income, and registration with a local Medicare center is recommended no more than week upon arrival to acquire free healthcare (Embassy of Australia, n.d.).

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