Samples "Workplace Discrimination"

Workplace Discrimination

Toxic Employees

Difficult employees can wreak havoc on companies through a variety of avenues. From decreasing the morale of those around them to turning in low-quality work, the consequences of having a troublesome employee can be disastrous. It is incumbent on leaders within organizations to identify and appropriately work with these employees...

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Health Behavior Communication and Advocacy

In this example, it is important to develop a strategy that will be effective in managing Sara’s privacy and in recognizing the primary stakeholders involved in the discussion. Sara’s situation is highly unfortunate and complex and creates difficult challenges for her and for the organization. It is necessary to determine...

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Sub-dominant Cultural Phenomena

I exist in a society that is highly dominated and guided by cultural perspectives due to existence of people from various cultural backgrounds in various proportions. The cultural setup is one of the most powerful tools used in guiding various social perspectives in the society. This is because most of...

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Transgender Soldiers: Rhetorical Analysis

Transgender individuals have faced a long, difficult fight in obtaining their rights as citizens and as individuals within the United States and throughout the world. Gender identity is complex and when it intersects with the views of society, a society afraid of change and the unordinary, is creates even more...

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Transgender Female Sex Workers’ HIV Knowledge, Experienced Stigma, and Condom Use

Reading the article “Transgender Female Sex Workers’ HIV Knowledge, Experienced Stigma, and Condom Use in the Dominican Republic” by Budhwani et al. (2017) reveals that transgender female sex workers face a variety of challenges in their line of work. The article reveals a great deal about their experiences in the...

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Do Men Earn More than Women?

For a long period of time, a major women’s rights issue has been the idea of the “glass ceiling”. This term describes the belief that women get paid lower than men overall, and that the comparison is especially notable when observing men and women who have the same job title....

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Ethnic Discrimination

Every day, many ethnic groups suffer discrimination in the workplace. Whether the workplace be outside, such as the Mexican fieldworkers in Holme’s book “Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies” or inside such as the Puerto Ricans in Holme’s article “ Poverty at Work: Office Employment and the Crack Alternative,” minorities in the...

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Legal And Ethical Issues That Can Be Encountered In The Workplace

Discrimination and harassment cases are one example of legal issues that can arise from the workplace. Consequently, discrimination and harassment basing on skin color, age, social background, social status, and religious background amongst other discriminatory grounds are extremely dangerous and are likely to cause a lot of problems in the...

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Maltreatment In The Workplace

Maltreatment in the workplace is a common practice that can lead to many negative outcomes. For instance, as a new employee, I worked hard to ensure that I performed my job responsibilities to the best of my ability. Working overtime and going over and beyond to produce quality work was...

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Americans with Disabilities Act In the Workplace

Organizations are made up of people from all walks of life, all ages, a variety of skills and talents, and hopes and dreams for their future. However, there is a unique group of individuals who were denied the right for employment for many, many years. This group of people is...

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Reverse Discrimination in the Workforce

Efforts against discrimination have aimed at reducing disparities among minority or unequally-utilized populations. Some regulations have given preferential treatment to minorities in an effort to level the opportunities for employment in the workforce. However, these regulations can spur conflict, as they can result in reverse discrimination. Those who are denied...

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Incivility in the Nursing Workplace

Nurses want to practice the best possible medicine so that their patients can have the best possible outcomes. Doctors, nurses, and patients all have anecdotal claims regarding what constitutes the best in medical practice. However, for the best outcomes, nursing practice must be evidence based. Therefore, topics of interest have...

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Age Diversity and Work

Age presents a significant problem within any workplace, in terms of diversity. Age can result in diverse skillsets, as well as diverse retention. There is a high prevalence of technology in the workplace today and as a result understanding the attitude of employees toward technology remains essential to the success...

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Racial discrimination in the work place in US

Racial discrimination exists in the workplace. It can happen between lateral co-workers and between management and subordinates. Whenever it happens it is never justified or pleasant to the victim. There many ways people can be discriminated against in the workplace, and all of them are not obvious. For example, a...

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Case Analysis: Gender Discrimination Within Goodyear Company

Removal of gender-based cap is one of the key priority for business sector in the United States in support of the ethical behaviour at the national and international level. The activity of the multinational companies is closely observed as to the compliance of the organizations with international human rights standards,...

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