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Workplace Discrimination

Do Men Earn More than Women?

For a long period of time, a major women’s rights issue has been the idea of the “glass ceiling”. This term describes the belief that women get paid lower than men overall, and that the comparison is especially notable when observing men and women who have the same job title....

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Ethnic Discrimination

Every day, many ethnic groups suffer discrimination in the workplace. Whether the workplace be outside, such as the Mexican fieldworkers in Holme’s book “Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies” or inside such as the Puerto Ricans in Holme’s article “ Poverty at Work: Office Employment and the Crack Alternative,” minorities in the...

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Legal And Ethical Issues That Can Be Encountered In The Workplace

Discrimination and harassment cases are one example of legal issues that can arise from the workplace. Consequently, discrimination and harassment basing on skin color, age, social background, social status, and religious background amongst other discriminatory grounds are extremely dangerous and are likely to cause a lot of problems in the...

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Maltreatment In The Workplace

Maltreatment in the workplace is a common practice that can lead to many negative outcomes. For instance, as a new employee, I worked hard to ensure that I performed my job responsibilities to the best of my ability. Working overtime and going over and beyond to produce quality work was...

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Americans with Disabilities Act In the Workplace

Organizations are made up of people from all walks of life, all ages, a variety of skills and talents, and hopes and dreams for their future. However, there is a unique group of individuals who were denied the right for employment for many, many years. This group of people is...

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