Samples "Workplace Diversity"

Workplace Diversity

Dimensions of Culture

Culture is learned whereas human nature is inherited. Different cultures exist across the globe and they vary based of their experiences, values, and preferences. In the case herein, cultural dimensions are identified as globally applicable and cuts across different aspects of life, that encompass orientation, individualism, uncertainty avoidance among many...

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New Position Creation: Legal Issues

When working in human resources (HR) and creating a new staff position for a company, there are certain legal issues and considerations that must be taken into account. Among the different legal considerations that must be made in the creation of the new position are those found in the areas...

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Diversity Resource Group Planning

Diversity resource groups have a central position within all business organizations in today’s business culture. Effective company planning requires and will be enriched by inclusive measures to welcome all diversities within society for optimum representation of every sector of society. Resource groups are an integral aspect of planning in every...

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How Important Is It To Achieve Diversity And Enhance Organisational Commitment To Performance?

Diversity and organizational commitment to performance are two important factors in today’s multicultural global marketplace. With this in mind, it is important to achieve diversity and enhance organizational commitment in employees, although this can be difficult. Diverse organisations often experience higher levels of performance, and employees show enhanced organisational commitment...

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Jessica Gonon’s Dilemma

Alden M. Hayashi presents a complex workplace scenario in his article, “Mommy-Track Backlash.” In this scenario, Vice President of Sales and Customer Support Jessica Gonon is presented with a difficult scheduling and human resources challenge. Having previously hired an account manager with the conditions that the account manager (and not...

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