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Workplace Diversity

Dimensions of Culture

Culture is learned whereas human nature is inherited. Different cultures exist across the globe and they vary based of their experiences, values, and preferences. In the case herein, cultural dimensions are identified as globally applicable and cuts across different aspects of life, that encompass orientation, individualism, uncertainty avoidance among many...

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New Position Creation: Legal Issues

When working in human resources (HR) and creating a new staff position for a company, there are certain legal issues and considerations that must be taken into account. Among the different legal considerations that must be made in the creation of the new position are those found in the areas...

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Diversity Resource Group Planning

Diversity resource groups have a central position within all business organizations in today’s business culture. Effective company planning requires and will be enriched by inclusive measures to welcome all diversities within society for optimum representation of every sector of society. Resource groups are an integral aspect of planning in every...

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How Important Is It To Achieve Diversity And Enhance Organisational Commitment To Performance?

Diversity and organizational commitment to performance are two important factors in today’s multicultural global marketplace. With this in mind, it is important to achieve diversity and enhance organizational commitment in employees, although this can be difficult. Diverse organisations often experience higher levels of performance, and employees show enhanced organisational commitment...

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Jessica Gonon’s Dilemma

Alden M. Hayashi presents a complex workplace scenario in his article, “Mommy-Track Backlash.” In this scenario, Vice President of Sales and Customer Support Jessica Gonon is presented with a difficult scheduling and human resources challenge. Having previously hired an account manager with the conditions that the account manager (and not...

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Homeownership In The United States And The Millenial Generation

The primary datasets used are repeated cross sections from the 1980-2018 Integrated Public Use Microdata (IPUMS), which is the world’s largest individual-level population database (IPUMS). I chose this data source because of its large volume of microdata samples from the United States Census records, as well as the inclusion of...

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Next Gen / Majoring in IBM

Millennial employees currently make up the greatest share of the national and global workforce. Being born between 1980 and 1995, "Millennials" display a different attitude towards work than their non-millennial colleagues. Millennials' workplace experiences are greatly influenced by their culture, work and communication styles, as well as career development opportunities...

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What Is the Role of Respect in Workplace Leadership?

Of course, the ongoing reality makes the shift away from the old-school business practices inevitable. In these turbulent times, welcoming change is everything in business; to put the matter differently, being transformative is what can lead to success. Equally important is cultivating a workplace culture where managers promote respect. In...

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Legal And Ethical Issues That Can Be Encountered In The Workplace

Discrimination and harassment cases are one example of legal issues that can arise from the workplace. Consequently, discrimination and harassment basing on skin color, age, social background, social status, and religious background amongst other discriminatory grounds are extremely dangerous and are likely to cause a lot of problems in the...

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Employment and Ethics

What are the pros and cons of North America tire’s strategy of hiring replacement workers? How ethical is the behavior of management?Among other companies, there are various pros and cons of North Americas tire’s company to hire replacement workers. The main advantage is that the company will continue to perform...

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Age Diversity and Work

Age presents a significant problem within any workplace, in terms of diversity. Age can result in diverse skillsets, as well as diverse retention. There is a high prevalence of technology in the workplace today and as a result understanding the attitude of employees toward technology remains essential to the success...

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The Changing Landscape of Work

In the 21st century, given the process of globalization and other major social changes, the problem of unemployment is a very actual one. More specifically, many college students upon graduation face the problem of well-paid jobs being scarce. Regardless of the fact that this problem has always been common, the...

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Managing Social Responsibilities and Ethical Issues in a Diverse Workforce

Drug and substance abuse has been an issue of great concern to many people across the world. The military institutions are particularly sensitive to the issue and require particular attention when addressing it. This paper will address the issue of drug and substance abuse among the marine unit in the...

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Effects Of Diversity In Social Work

Diversity has positive and negative effects in the workplaces. Consequently, organizations and companies that can manage diversity well are likely to gain much from diversity. However, a workforce that has diversity regarding ethnicity, religion, race, gender, and other differences can bring negative implications. Nevertheless, diversity can affect people in the...

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Generation F

Using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linked In, have become a large part of the daily routine for many people. From 8 to 80, generations are flocking to social networks for information, friendship, and even business purposes. Its influence is somewhat ambiguous, and its effects, positive...

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Cultural Diversity and Its Influence on Nursing Practice

1. Cultural baggage refers to the values and concepts that we have because of our own culture, but we do not realize that they are culturally based.Ethnocentrism is the belief that there is a standard or norm, usually represented by our own values and culture, against which other cultures and...

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