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Men is Written with a Capital “M”

The emergence of feminism in the 1960s brought about what many might have deemed an assault on men and manhood. As an idea, feminism was sound. It sought equality for women, especially in the areas of employment and education. Despite a long history of right suppression, women have the capacity...

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Workplace Productivity

Productivity in the workplace can not only be measured by a worker’s output, but by their behavior as well. An employee can have both productive and counterproductive behavior, which can affect their work, and others’ work. There are relationships between behaviors, plus organizational commitment and job satisfaction. Positive Organizational Behavior...

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Organizational Culture and Working Hours

Question 1 The article gives the description of W.L. Gore & Associates that has adopted the beneficial strategy of human resource management. The company is trying to develop effective corporate culture situation developing work-like balance at the working place. Employees are not responsible to be at the working place all...

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Working at McDonald’s: Summary and Critical Analysis

Amitai Etzioni, author of the article titled "Working at McDonald's" argues that young people, especially those, who are still in the middle of their studies, should think twice before taking a job in a fast-food chain restaurant. The author presents a number of interesting arguments. He criticizes teenager`s part-time jobs,...

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Balancing Work

Life is not only a job. People have their personal lives, in which they spend time with their families and close friends, or even spend this time for their personal endeavours (for example, reading or writing). When the amount of work is overwhelming, employees will feel miserable, the amount of...

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