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Respectful Workplace

The governments of various countries are after ensuring the workplace of employees is safe, supportive, and healthy. This is possible through ensuring that diversity is valued, and each and every person in different organisations is given the deserved dignity and respect. The workplace environment should be nurturing and healthy. Mutual...

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Strategic Capability And Core Competence

Strategic capabilities refer to the resources and competencies of an organization that are required for it to operate within an industry and remain competitive (Yang, 2015). Resources refer to what an organization uses in order to achieve success. These include its assets such as human resources and its brand value....

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Workplace situations

The scenario involves an employee working at the cash register of the restaurant. During one of the busy weekends, three customers came to the restaurant, ordered food and paid for it after they had finished eating. Instead of the employee serving them putting the ticket and order in the register,...

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Benefits Of Working From Home

I would like to emphasize the fact that Yahoo’s decision to eliminate working from home policy is both morally right and efficient. There has been some criticism of this policy, especially, since it came from a feminist business leader. In this paper, I offer my own analysis of Marissa Mayer’s...

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The Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA)

DefinitionThe Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA) is fundamentally a national body that serves more than 500,000 community work practitioners across Australia (Australian Community Workers Association, 2018). The core role of the association is to support the community workers in all aspects of their work. Even less, ACWA exists to provide...

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